SEO Interview Questions

SEO Interview Questions : Search Engine Optimization

SEO Interview Questions
SEO Interview Questions
  1. State your opinion, what are the top 5 factors for page level optimization?
  2. Can you write HTML code using a text editor?
  3.  What Page Rank is? Explain.
  4. How does Bing work? Does it act on Page Rank?
  5. Tell your thoughts on Page Rank?
  6. Which search engine provides the most accurate results among all?
  7. Can you explain how to exclude a page from search results?
  8. Would you exclude a site from being indexed by search engines, if so how?
  9. Does Google crawl a site with no index Meta tag on each page?
  10. Meta description and keywords still affect search engine’s how?
  11. Why we continue the use of two Meta tags in today’s world?
  12. How does social media affect search rankings?
  13. On launching a new website. What are the steps you take to optimize the site?
  14. To move the site, a domain name, what do you do to keep my search rankings?
  15. Which is the most effective off-site SEO technique?
  16. Is link buying an effective strategy? Should we do it? do you recommend it?
  17. What are the main differences between SEO and SEM?
  18. What are the techniques you would not do to boost search engine rankings because the risk is too high?
  19. Why would you use “no follow” on an internal link?
  20. What is the ‘long tail ‘keyword?
  21. Explain what an XML sitemap is? How do you structure the file?
  22. What are some strategies that you use for attaining back links?
  23. Provide an example of link bait?
  24. Do alt tags on images effect for search engine rankings?
  25. What percentage of clicks do the first two results get on the first pages of a Google search?
  26. Google decided to punish a white hat technique, which one would harm your SEO techniques the most if they were penalized?
  27. How Google Instantly has affects your SEO techniques?
  28. Is a back link from a high Page Rank site worth anything for SEO if it has a no follow on it?
  29. Why SEO techniques would you use on a site which uses a lot of video content?
  30. What is a canonical URL? Explain.
  31. Where would you get the highest value links?
  32. Where is a 301/404 page redirect?
  33. If page ranks #30 in Google search results and you have 90 days to rank in the top ten, what items would you focus on? Can you get it ranked into the top ten?
  34. Would a table of contents look like for an SEO campaign plan?
  35. If you were setting a goal for an analytics tool for an SEO campaign, what would it be?
  36. Does CSS affect SEO on a page? Explain.
  37. If you could guess, what would you say the percentage of our search engine referral traffic is Google? Bing? Yahoo?
  38. How quickly does content get indexed by Google?
  39. Which is the most important social news site?
  40. What are your favorite SEO blogs?
  41. Minimum how much traffic does our site get each month? If you didn’t research it and don’t have a guess, how would you estimate it without access to your analytics?
  42. What are three things you would suggest right now to improve SEO on our site? State them.

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