Interview Questions for Social Media Analyst

Interview Questions for Social Media Analyst

Conduct an interview by asking these sample interview questions for the position of social media analyst to evaluate the candidate efficiency and improve the quality of the interview.

Social Media Analysts measure the results of social media activity and campaigns. They craft promoting methods to boost a brand’s online presence.

Candidates for this role typically hold a marketing degree and/or relevant certifications in digital technologies. Active expertise with Google Analytics and social media management tools, like Buffer and HootSuite, is additionally needed.

Look for candidates with a capability to understand online marketing trends and audience preferences. Your potential hires ought to be proactive. They should go beyond reporting on metrics to spot the way to improve your social media strategy.

During your interviews, learn the way candidates continue high of digital technology developments and the way they use this information on the work. It’s vital for Social Media Analysts to remain current with new tools and techniques, as social media could be an apace dynamical field.

Social Media Analyst Interview Questions
Social Media Analyst Interview Questions


  1. If you got this job, what kind of metrics would you examine to be told regarding our current social media strategy?
  2. If we determined to conduct a live event on social media for you, how will you measure its success?
  3. What kind of metrics can indicate that a social media campaign has failed?
  4. Which type of metrics do you monitor every day? What reports do you compile?
  5. What kind of tools do you use to schedule posts?
  6. How can you find out Facebook followers with demographics? What would you do with this information?
  7. How do you measure user engagement (E.g. views, clicks and shares) for ephemeral content, like Snapshot or Instagram Stories?
  8. How can SEO help in increase web traffic? Explain few SEO effective practices for web content.
  9. What type of keyword research tools do you use to mention the names of tools, and how do you implement their findings with use of those tools?
  10. Explain briefly about a social media campaign that you ran from beginning to end. What was the intention of the campaign, which channels did you use and what results you achieved?
  11. What type of challenges have you faced while trying to explain social media metrics to non-technical executives? How did you overcome them?
  12. How can you find out about new tools and trends in your field?
  13. Did you join any Facebook or LinkedIn groups to connect with industry professionals? What type of social media experts do you follow? (E.g on Facebook)
  14. Did you face any objections or doubts when suggesting a new social media strategy? If so, what did you do?
  15. Can you explain about the most successful social media campaign that you ran? What made it so successful?