How to Increase Views of the YouTube Video Naturally?

Are you thinking How to Increase Views of the YouTube Video Naturally? then you should aware these basic elements of youtube when they want to increase views or subscribers on their channel. We can’t get millions of likes shares and subscribers in over a night or make a video viral in a single day.Do you really bother for lack of views unpopular of the channel when you still having beautiful cache titles, description, video quality, for that you must follow these tips to rank better? YouTube is more like a tra­di­tion­al search engine than oth­er social chan­nels.Google some­times dis­plays YouTube videos direct­ly in search results, so there’s great poten­tial for expo­sure for videos that rank high­ly on the plat­form.

Here’s what mat­ters most to make that hap­pen:

Increase Youtube Views
Increase Youtube Views

Keyword research:

Tap into a tool like Google Trends to see what is trend­ing in YouTube search­es when look­ing for chan­nel key­words. Then choose any trendy keyword that suits to your video by keyword tools, it will help video to rank better.

Titles and descriptions:

video titles should be at least five words long and include key­words at the begin­ning.Since Google and YouTube can’t lis­ten to videos, they rely on a text descrip­tion to fig­ure out the video’s con­tent, That means brands should put web­site links at the top to max­i­mize click-through rates to their sites and include the key­word in the first 25 words.

Try­ing to write at least 200 words in descrip­tions, as well as link­ing to your brand web­site and oth­er social media pro­files.

Quality of video:

Quality of video and audio matters, low sound video quality, and sound noises disturbances can make’s viewer uninteresting and quit video so it effects on average view time, for better ranking of videos, it should have hight average view time in youtube.


Little text box popups such as subscribe, thumbs up on videos call annotation. Amazingly these can help to increase views of a video.By annotations, we can link up two videos or can link video with a playlist or other videos in the channel so people automatically directed to watch other videos.

Content strategy:

Brands should keep YouTube view­ers specif­i­cal­ly in mind when craft­ing a con­tent strat­e­gy for the video plat­form rather than, say, sim­ply cre­at­ing video con­tent as they would for a blog.

“On YouTube, tuto­ri­als and tes­ti­mo­ni­als tend to have more search inter­ests Keeping viewers watching, watch time is anoth­er big sig­nal on YouTube,so if you’re look­ing to rank high on YouTube, you need to make sure that you keep your view­ers watch­ingYouTube is sim­i­lar to Google in that the more traffic/views that are gen­er­at­ed, the high­er a page/video will rank.

View count:

View count is also high­ly cor­re­lat­ed with high rank­ings, so the more you focus on mar­ket­ing your videos and increas­ing their view count, the more like­ly you are to boost their rank­ing.At the end of the day, YouTube is try­ing to rank the best videos, so any efforts to cre­ate engag­ing and inter­est­ing videos will be reward­ed.

In order to keep view­ers watch­ing, provide a quick sum­ma­ry of the video in the begin­ning and then jump right to the con­tent the view­er wants to see. In addi­tion, mar­keters should add open loops to pre­view what’s com­ing and encour­age view­ers to keep watch­ing.

Video thumb­nail:

Attractive and cache thumbnail also rec­om­mend­ed and ensur­ing the title and descrip­tion are not mis­lead­ing.peo­ple click­ing your video and watch­ing it all the way through will lead to much bet­ter rank­ings (and views in the long term) than 10,000 view­ers who only watch one sec­ond.


Playlists are a good idea to increase your video views this small thing didn’t aware by many YouTubers.How playlist assists? once clicking a video in a playlist of your channel other videos of that category will automatically display side and its play’s automatically. sometimes if people find more interesting they will definitely explore your channel by watching all videos.

Length of video:

Longer or lengthy videos rank high­er in YouTube and Google and so guys you should try to make videos at least five min­utes long.Every sec­ond should serve a pur­pose, every sec­ond should be work­ing to keep your view­er engaged, Once you start see­ing your watch time (and per­cent­age of video time watched) increase, you’ll see a boost, not only to the video itself but to all videos you pub­lish on that chan­nel.”


Subscribers are the heart of youtube channels, the more subscribers give more views to a video in a particular channel. So try to acquire more subscribers by reminding viewers to subscribe while watching or by showing annotation on videos.Once people subscribe to your channel they will wait for your upcoming video to watch or after upload, your video notification or email will be sent to the specific subscriber to watch the video.

Communicate with your subscribers:

Interact with your subscribers and ask them suggestions as well as make a friendly channel to your subscribers. Respond properly and answers with replies. try to fill enthusiasm and make a positive impression to subscribers in order increase views.

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