Google Analytics Interview Questions

Google Analytics Interview Questions:

Google Analytics Interview Questions
Google Analytics Interview Questions
  1. What is Google Analytics and the main purpose of Google Analytics?
  2. What is meant by conversion and how will you track conversions through GA?
  3. What is a session?
  4. What is meant by KPI in Analytics?
  5. What are segments in Analytics?
  6. Can the data be modified once after Google analytics has processed the data ?
  7. What are goals and how many goals will we tend to produce in analytics?
  8. What is benchmarking?
  9. What is Bounce Rate?
  10. What is optimal bounce rate for a website?
  11. What is Funnel in Goals?
  12. Can we have a tendency to delete the goals once created them in Google Analytics?
  13. What are custom Events in Google Analytics?
  14. What is mean by User Analytics?
  15. What is meant by Cohere Reports?
  16. What is the use of Acquisition Reports?
  17. What is “Not provided” knowledge in Keyword Reports?
  18. What is meant by Experiments?
  19. What is attribution in Google Analytics?
  20. What is Real-time knowledge in Analytics
  21. Can we have a tendency to separate the users base on devices?
  22. Can we track Google Ad sense knowledge in Google Analytics?
  23. What is Exit rate in Analytics?
  24. What is meant by Average Load Time?
  25. In analytics reports, we will sometimes get lots of spam knowledge from spam sources/domains, a way to deal with this issue?
  26. Is this data accurate? Will we tend to trust it?
  27. Does my knowledge line up with different systems
  28. What’s missing? do we have the full picture?
  29. What will we have a tendency to measure and analyze to get a lot of meaningful results?
  30. What kind of knowledge can I access?
  31. Why ought to I set up goals?
  32. What is a segment?
  33. How am I able to decide a lot of regarding my (not provided) keywords?
  34. Who is visiting my site? Explain?
  35.  What area unit the top sources of traffic to my website? How to determine?
  36. Web Posts herald the foremost Traffic from Referrals? Why so?
  37. How will my website performance compare with different financial advisors?