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Digital Marketing Jobs – The powerful tool to survive at the digital platform

The Digital Age:

Where ever you turn around, you will see masses hooked on to their smartphones onto or laptops even for a minimal thing. People are consuming more and more digital data each day leading to the demise of traditional analog ways which include radio broadcasts, newspapers or TV or even print campaigns putting up pamphlets or brochures etc for communication. Rapidly increasing digital media will eventually extinguish these ways in coming years.

With the eventual increase of digitization, the markets are now on online and on social and thus, you need to be there too. Therefore, Digital strategies need to adapt the ever changing demand. These strategies are online Essentials which act as the enhancer of the relationships between the brands and the customer.

What is the importance of Digital Marketing?

The fact that the digital communication is extremely faster, reliable and so affordable has taken it to the next level in the world of communication methods. This leads us to welcome the Digital Marketing Strategies into the big picture in order to increase awareness of our own business or work in the ever growing market. Various digital marketing positions, you can strive for with passion are as follows:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst:

Web sites are the platform to showcase the brand products, services. These must be attractive and easily accessible by the users. While Search Engine Optimization focuses on the visibility in the organic i.e. non-paid search engine results. SEO encompasses both technical and creative elements to improve rankings, drive traffic.

 What must one emphasize on?

Keyword Research, Competitive Keyword Analysis, Research coordination with the market, Recommendations, Strategies to drive traffic, Administer Search engine programs, Link building, Web master tools knowledge for proper implementation.

 Email Marketing Specialist:

Sending emails with commercial message i.e. advertisements, ongoing sales /discounts, deals, loyalty discounts etc to the current and the potential customers. It impacts the customers in a variety of ways.

What must one emphasize on?

Clear and concise emails, Call to action on every social media or blog are necessary, subscriptions widget in the email itself, Newsletters, promotions, discounts and seasonal offers to retain customers, Creative way of writing emails as well as a link to unsubscribe whenever a subscriber wants must be present,

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Specialist:

It utilizes all the major social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc for marketing. It helps in broadening the customer reach and increases exposure for the brand. Providing the consistent engaging content in the feed of the customer increases the chances of sales majorly.

 What must one emphasize on?

Understanding your target audience, Managing all the social media platforms at once, Interactive and responsive with the potential customers, Engagement with users, Optimum use of Google office, Viral Posts and releases, Optimal use of different media to provide variety on social media pages, Driving traffic to your social media handles.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Executive:

SEO is the subset of SMM which also deals with the area which increases the visibility of the websites in the search results mainly by paid advertising. SEM includes both PPC as well as SEO.

What must one emphasize on?

Strategic bidding, budget management, campaign enhancement optimization, Achieve overall client and Company objective in terms of business targets, Search and campaign management, Remarketing campaign management, Lead generation.

 Google Adwords Executive/ Specialist:

Google Adwords is a program developed by the Google, previously known as Google Partners in which advertisers pay to advertise their advertisements to the web users. Google places the ads on the pages when the user searches for relevant information or according to the keywords provided by the advertisers. Advertisers pay when the user divert their browsing to their ads.

 What must one emphasize on?

Creating campaigns, strategies for online PPC campaigns for Google Adwords, Facebook, other PPC networks/ad networks, Manage existing campaigns in Adwords, Facebook, and other ad networks, Optimize existing campaigns, Optimizing keywords, placements, ads and running A/B tests and Prepare reports and analysis for campaign review


As a beginner, you may be dubious about how to learn practical knowledge in this field. Hence, the solution to your problem is “Internship”. The internship is a great way where you can know about how to apply all those theoretical strategies in the real world under the guidance of the professionals.

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