AdWords Certification Questions Exam Practice Test

AdWords Certification Questions Exam Practice Test :

AdWords Certification Questions
AdWords Certification Questions
  1. Kavya runs an online store related to women apparel, which ad format shall Divignya use to reach out people?
  2. While creating a key word list for broad match state reason for leaving misspelled plural forms of keywords?
  3. Cintopa wants to raise the profile of his music school, do a Display Network campaign helps him?
  4. State why a campaign has gone over a special budget several rows in a day? How can you explain how an ad-words system works to the client?
  5. Monalika sells a T-shirts featuring Vintage Album Covers. She wants people to buy them by finding her web site, but also eager to find interest based people. In this case what type of campaign you suggest her?
  6. The client has more conversions from ads that appear in Los Angeles. What actions to be taken to increase the conversions for the client?
  7. If you want your ads to be shown on certain websites across the internet, how u do it?
  8. In order to promote mobile apps and people who are in need of services to know about your agency, which method do you suggest for promotions?
  9. Munira wants to reach people for Baked Goods, but only wants her ads during her business hours, which type of campaign do you suggest?
  10. By Monitoring ad campaign performance, an advertiser may obtain the information needed to?
  11. Sego has started working with a client in a disorganized manner in related to ad-words. What’s the effective way to reconstruct the account?
  12. While choosing a maximum cost per click bid, you should consider the amount that you make a purchase because you want to sell a bid amount that’s how?
  13. A T ravel Agency client is running a much-targeted campaign to reach people who are visiting Warangal on holiday and don’t live in France. What would be an effective way to target its client’s Customers?
  14. To Launch a New product line which type of network use to Display network?
  15. Which type of metrics is used to run a Brand campaign?
  16. Which type of strategy is used to increase relevant clicks from search network campaign?
  17. Advertiser decided to spend $790 per month for the campaign. How would you recommend that they set the budget for Ad-Words account?
  18. How would you link Ad-Words account to Google webmasters tools?
  19. Clients have a Restaurant in Bangalore and want to get more phone calls from reaching people who eat on their mobile phones. How would you achieve a goal?
  20. If your client has a low budget what would you do to increase the budget throughout all hours of the day?
  21. Can you show ads by targeting? If so how?
  22. Which bid strategy does Snigdha use to increase the call rate for Catering Business?
  23. An Advertiser wants to increase the Quality Score of a low promoting Key word. Which approach would you recommend?
  24. How would you create an appropriate Landing Page?
  25. State Main Benefits of using ad- extensions?
  26. Himanshu runs a local gym and wants to run more free trial memberships? What could he include in ad text?
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